Cardiff - 04/12/2013

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Cardiff - 04/12/2013

Postby Tom Hill » Thu Dec 05, 2013 11:02 am

Grading Held at Cardiff Club- 04/12/2013:

Stelios Nasidudis - Orange II
Johnathon Sutton - Orange I
Bo Peng - Orange
Vishu Goel - Orange

Dan Day - Yellow III
Alex Washbourne - Yellow III
Alex Wakely-Jones - Yellow II
Samy Deno - Yellow II
Dan Samon - Yellow II
Matt Borman - Yellow II
Tom Comvery - Yellow I
Valentia Goutet - Yellow
Siam TBA - Yellow

Grader: Rod Munn (Yondan)
Panel: Mark Williams, Tom Hill, Raz Prince, Russ Sykes

Big Thank you to our Ukes: Adam, Jen, Laura, Hugh

Apologies if I spelled someone's name incorrectly.

Memorable Moments:
Siam performing a Hiza Guruma on Adam
Telling the yellow to put their hands up!
Watching Laura punch another Uke in the face during someone else's V.
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