Bedford 20th March 2013

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Bedford 20th March 2013

Postby Martin Bastable » Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:56 am

Haven't spotted the results being put up for this yet so...

(Excuse spellings)

    - Blaize Jones-White: W -> Y
    - Emma Powell: W -> Y
    - Stacy Homatid: W -> YI
    - Yannis Orfanakis: R -> YII
    - Rock Noel: R->YII
    - Dan Cherry: Y->O
    - Sim Grant-Jones: O->G
    - Rob Lacey: O->G

General feedback/things to work on most:
    - Understanding why things are done
    - Balance/Posture
    - Movement in V's
    - Weapon disarming and control
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