Keele Grading 21st June 2008

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Keele Grading 21st June 2008

Postby Neil Brown » Tue Jun 24, 2008 12:55 pm

Well done to those who graded on Saturday. Results as follows:

Peter Neumann - blue to Brown - Basingstoke
Richard Down - blue to Brown - Basingstoke
Gary Schuster - blue to Brown - Basingstoke
Dave Hunter - blue to Brown - Basingstoke
Christoph Carls - blue to Brown - London
Luke Bale - purple to Blue - Basingstoke
Tom Heslin - purple to Blue - London CX
Stuart Bond - green to Purple - Basingstoke
Kevin Hanks - green to Purple - Basingstoke
Damian Rivett - green to Purple - London CX
Chris Nonweiler - green to Purple - Keele.

Thanks all!
Neil Brown
Club Instructor and Site Admin
Location: Newbury

Postby Neil Brown » Wed Jul 02, 2008 10:47 am

Slightly belated message but I have been meaning to say....It makes me happy and proud to have trained four people all the way up to brown belt from beginners! We now have five brown belts and four black belts regularly involved with training/teaching at Basingstoke. It is also great to see that our brown belts are looking to be involved with the opening of some new clubs which can only be good for the Aiuchi Association. Thanks for your enthusiasm, thanks for turning up to all the events in large numbers and I look forward to visiting the new classes once they are up and running!
Neil Brown
Club Instructor and Site Admin
Location: Newbury

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